Ragnhild May

Visual artist and composer. Working with sound art, installation and sculpture. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark


This website is supported by:

Statens Kunstfond/The Danish Arts Foundation

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ragnhild may issue project room

Musical instruments can be seen as extensions of the body. Humans can for instance whistle using only the mouth or the hands, and it then seems like a natural elongation to create a simple flute to make a more powerful and varied tone. An instrument is always made in proportion to the human body, for instance regarding dimensi- ons, the body’s ability to make air flow or to perform specific movements.

Hence, I regard my works as bodily extensions or as individual bodies working autonomously. When an instrument needs to transcend potential limitations of the body, remedies can be used such as mechanical sources air and so on. Thus, I see my works a as being some kind of cyborgs or primitive robots.