Ragnhild May

Visual artist and composer. Working with sound art, installation and sculpture. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark


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The Walls are Moving

The Walls are Moving

Ragnhild May & Stefan Maier

SPOR Festival 2018

For Live-Electronics, Organ, and Ensemble (variable size and instrumentation)

6 hours

Celebrating the consecration of the Florence Cathedral, Guillaume Dufay composed the

motet Nuper Rosarum Flores in 1436. Using spatial proportions derived from the dimensions of

the Temple in Jerusalem as described in I Kings, every parameter of the work — pitch, duration,

form — was composed to initiate an alternative spatial order: one present but unseen. As

Dufay's composition resounded throughout the Dome, the mystical space of the Biblical Temple

was summoned within the strictly euclidean space of the church.

In "The Walls are Moving" Ragnhild May and Stefan Maier explore an ephemeral space

like no other: one which can fluidly change dimensions. Modelled digitally, this invisible space

transforms continuously over the course of the work. Though unseen, this abstract architecture

becomes manifest through sound. Here, resonant frequencies given by the proportions of the

digital space are sounded through feedback: accordingly, as the immaterial room changes

shape, so do the resultant tones.